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If you are overwhelmed right now, the ELEC COVID-19 Emotional Support Line is staffed by specially trained volunteers who can help.


Eye Listen Empowerment Center has compassionate, skilled clinicians waiting for you to take the first step toward a life of wellness by making the first call.

Our clinicians are always available to discuss our programs, insurance and any questions about our Mental Health Outpatient Services.
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Throughout the course of the current situation surrounding the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, we have made sure and will continue to make sure that we provide special guidance on how to approach this very unique situation.

Listed below are the communications we have sent so far.
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Encouragement From Our CEO

To participants, partners, and patients –

During times like these, filled with uncertainty, we are all faced with difficult changes and choices. In the coming weeks, we all must do our part as members of our communities to make the right choices in supporting our families, friends, and neighbors as we weather this storm together.

Now more than ever, we are committed to doing everything in our power to help in the best way we know how: By continuing our operations and getting crucial information into the hands of the teams on the front lines of this crisis as they navigate diagnosing, treating, and preventing the spread of this virus and the ongoing concerns of mental health; We are continuing to monitor the emergent situation and taking action to ensure the safety of our team with remote tele-health working environments, while continuing partial on-site operations. Read More

Our operations will continue with no interruption, including 24/7 support via phone at 0252-689-2797

Effective Thursday, 3/19, our team will be working at home to provide continuity in services that you rely on. This includes dedicated account management, psychiatric therapy sessions, medication management, and more.

  • Email support for technical assistance, general questions, and more available at admin@eyelistennc.org

  • Remote training webinars will continue, either pre-scheduled open times or scheduled for you.

In addition to providing tele-health services, our team –  in partnership with the NC Department of Community Health, is working to ensure the COVID-19 data you need is accessible where and when it is needed most, including providing resources for patients directly impacted by the disease needing emergency relief utility and housing funds, to remain safely quarantined.

As of right now, data from all hospitals within our region is shared with us and immediately available to help you. 

Though our usual course of operations is shifting, our commitment to trusted collaboration and valued services will not waver. Thank you to our therapeutic and clinical teams who are fighting this virus directly, and to the members of the public who are taking extra care to stop the spread.

Every one of us can make a Difference!

Ebony Ormond-Ham
President & CEO

It is extremely important … that we acknowledge that this uncertainty is stressful. And in fact, this anxiety is appropriate under the circumstances. This is a normal reaction to our new normal

- Roxane Silver


We understand what it takes to provide care for patients with behavioral health illnesses. From juveniles to adults, our professional transport agents have the knowledge and training to ensure behavioral health patients are treated with compassion and respect throughout the duration of their ride.

We partner with county human service organizations, mental health facilities, and private hospitals to provide patient transport solutions to and from low, medium, and highly secure settings. This can include court escorts for hearings as well as transfers to and from behavioral health facilities.
Transportation with ELEC is the choice of the patient or caregiver and is not an incentive to increase patient participation in our programs. Please request other available transportation services from our administrative staff.

Key Elements of the Local Transportation Safe Harbor

The local transportation safe harbor contains certain 5 key elements.

  1. The transportation provided must not involve air, luxury or ambulance-level transportation
  2. The transportation may only be provided to an “established patient”
  3. The transportation must be provided within a provider’s primary service area, which is identified as a certain radius from the provider’s location
  4. The transportation may be in the form of a shuttle service
  5. The provider must not publicly market or advertise the free or discounted local transportation services